Your green card, officially known as a Permanent Resident Card, is your ticket to living and working in the United States as a lawful permanent resident. But it doesn’t last forever – they expire after 10 years.

While renewing your green card is a lot easier than getting one in the first place, the government never makes it hassle-free. There’s still paperwork, fees, and waiting involved.

The key is submitting your I-90 application with plenty of time before your green card expires. Start by gathering documents that establish your eligibility, like your expiring green card, passport, photos, and records of continuous US residence. With advance planning, you can renew your green card hassle-free.

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Who Should File Form I-90?

Most permanent residents use Form I-90 when they need to renew or replace their green card. These include permanent residents whose 10-year green cards have expired or will be expiring in the next 6 months, as well as permanent residents whose green cards, for example, have been lost, stolen, damaged, or completely destroyed.

On the other hand, if you have a conditional green card, which expires two years after being issued, you must follow a different process to replace it with a “permanent” green card that’s valid for 10-year renewable periods. That process is known as the “removal of conditions” on the green card. To start that process, you would file Form I-751 instead.

How to Renew Your Green Card

Online registration is preferable, especially if you already have a USCIS online account. Security is about as tight in both situations. Follow the instructions to complete the online Form I-90, upload your supporting documents (such as your expiring green card), sign electronically, pay any applicable fees, and finally submit your online application.

On the other hand, To apply for Form I-90 by mail, download and complete a paper Form I-90. Write a check or money order made payable to “U.S. Department of Homeland Security” for the required fees, or complete a credit card authorization form. Then, mail your completed Form I-90, supporting documents, and payment (if applicable) to USCIS at P.O. Box 21262 Phoenix, AZ 85036.

How Much Does it Cost to Renew a Green Card?

The current fees for filing Form I-90 to renew or replace a green card are:

  • $455 for the base filing fee
  • $85 for biometrics (fingerprints, photo, and signature)

So, the total cost is usually $540 to submit Form I-90.

As mentioned previously, online green card applicants may pay by debit or credit card. Mail-in applicants may also pay by debit or credit card if Form G-1450 is already on file or if they include it with their submissions. The USCIS also accepts personal checks, cashier’s checks, and money orders.

What Happens After Filing Form I-90?

After you hit “send” or put your green card replacement or renewal application in a mailbox, the USCIS either instantly or eventually responds with a confirmation letter letting you know that your application has been received and accepted.

Additionally, about a week or two later, the USCIS will mail information for a biometrics appointment, detailing when and where your appointment will happen.

If they need additional documents or information from you, they will send a Request for Evidence (RFE) letter detailing what is required and the deadline to respond. If you filed online, you must upload any requested materials to your USCIS online account.

Finally, after processing is complete, USCIS will mail you a decision letter stating whether your Form I-90 was approved or denied.

How Long Will It Take to Process a Green Card Renewal?

The average processing time for green card renewal applications in 2023 was 19 months. This waiting period is always subject to change based on USCIS’ workload and your specific application. You can check your case status online and monitor the USCIS website for processing time updates.

Count on a Santa Clara County Immigration Lawyer

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