What Does an Immigration Lawyer Do?

What Does an Immigration Lawyer Do

When your dreams hang in the balance, immigration law is high-stakes. Securing the right to work, live, or seek refuge in the United States requires cutting through dense layers of red tape and navigating a system that’s rigged against you. One wrong move could mean starting over from square one—or worse, getting denied outright. Fortunately, immigration lawyers exist to tip the odds in your favor.

As industry experts, immigration attorneys help guide clients to successful case outcomes. They know which forms and documents are required, what pitfalls to avoid, and how to present each case to maximize approval chances. Whether you seek a visa, green card, asylum, or citizenship, a lawyer optimizes the process.

But what exactly can you expect when retaining immigration counsel? What crucial skills and knowledge should they have to secure your goals? This blog post explores the day-to-day responsibilities and best practices of immigration lawyers. 

Advising on the Ideal Immigration Pathway

There are several potential pathways to legal status in the U.S., each with different requirements based on skills, family connections, refugee status, and other factors. 

During a consultation with an immigration lawyer, they explore whether you qualify for:

  • Family-based immigration through a spouse, parent, sibling, or child
  • Refugee or asylum status based on persecution in your home country
  • VAWA eligibility if you have experienced extreme cruelty at the hands of your spouse or child
  • Relief from removal if you are facing removal or deportation proceedings
  • Citizenship if you are a green card holder 

Exploring all options allows us to determine the fastest, most straightforward path for you. Every situation differs, so our guidance is tailored to your unique goals.

Preparing Airtight Applications to Stand Out

Simply qualifying for a visa or green card is not enough, unfortunately. Approvals largely depend on the strength of your application. Our team will compile and submit the paperwork most likely to convince immigration authorities that you merit being welcomed into the U.S.

That means gathering every document needed to meet eligibility requirements and then using your background and skills to craft persuasive cover letters, petitions, and evidence. With our support, you can have total confidence that your application is accurate, comprehensive, and compelling at first submission. Avoiding mistakes and delays provides peace of mind.

Preparing You For USCIS Interviews

In most cases, you’ll need to attend one or more in-person interviews with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) officers. These high-stakes meetings often determine case outcomes. 

With over a decade of experience interfacing with USCIS on behalf of immigrants, we know which responses reassure officers and which raise red flags. We’ll help you highlight positive factors while avoiding issues that provoke denial. Our advocacy greatly increases the odds that you’ll exit interviews with approval in hand.

Guiding You Through the Entire Process From Start to Finish

Immigrating to the United States involves a sequence of procedures, filings, and waiting periods spanning months or years. It’s a complex, multi-step process that can quickly become overwhelming. As your trusted guide, we’ll break down each phase and prepare you for what to expect, empowering you to avoid missteps.

You can turn to us for continual support regarding the following:

  • Maintaining valid immigration status while the process unfolds
  • Deciphering application decisions and instructions
  • Adhering to deadlines for submitting forms, fees, and documents
  • Preparing for citizenship tests and interviews after receiving green cards
  • Navigating any hurdles or setbacks that arise

We stay by your side until you hold U.S. citizenship or permanent resident status securely in your hand.

Protecting Your Rights and Interests Every Step of the Way

Unfortunately, many aspiring Americans experience exploitation or discrimination while pursuing residency and work privileges in the U.S. Unethical employers may leverage your immigration status, for example, forcing you to accept lower pay or poor working conditions. We can advise you regarding your rights and intervene on your behalf if necessary.

Additionally, overzealous immigration officials occasionally overstep legal boundaries during investigations, interviews, or detention procedures. A San Jose immigration lawyer can help by defending and empowering you if such civil rights violations occur. Our aim is to ensure you receive fair, lawful treatment throughout the immigration journey.

Fighting Deportation and Removal Proceedings With an Immigration Attorney

Unfortunately, some aspiring Americans face the devastating prospect of deportation and removal proceedings that can permanently bar U.S. immigration. Reasons include overstaying visas, criminal arrests, immigration fraud, or turning up undocumented in the system.

As your defender, an immigration attorney can help you avoid or overcome removal in several key ways:

  • Identifying grounds to have you released from detention
  • Gathering evidence and documentation that support your case
  • Submitting convincing legal briefs refuting the removal charges
  • Representing you in immigration court hearings before a judge
  • Presenting appeals if the initial ruling goes against you
  • Advising on eligibility for Cancellation of Removal or other relief

If you are facing deportation or removal proceedings, hire an experienced immigration lawyer straight away. With seasoned deportation defense from our immigration team, the odds of overturning or averting deportation orders increase substantially. Our aim is to keep your American dream alive.

Partner With an Experienced Immigration Lawyer to Realize Your American Dream

Deciding to immigrate to the U.S. is a pivotal life choice and a courageous leap of faith. You deserve knowledgeable, dedicated support to guide your journey from start to finish. Our attorneys treat every client like family. We’ll advise you based on years of experience successfully representing aspiring Americans from diverse backgrounds. 

As your dedicated guide, we will protect your rights and empower you through every step of realizing your dreams of life in the U.S. – from visa or green card approval to permanent resident status and, finally, naturalization. Our team will optimize your application, stand beside you at interviews, and defend you through all challenges. Let us chart your clearest course forward. 

Together, we can make your dreams of citizenship or permanent residence in the U.S. come true. Contact us for a consultation today.

Author Bio

Lina Baroudi is the owner and managing attorney at the Law Office of Lina Baroudi. Lina is a dedicated immigration attorney with over ten years of experience in the field. As an immigrant herself, having moved to the United States from Syria at a young age, Ms. Baroudi understands the challenges and complexities that immigrants face. Her personal connection to immigrant rights fuels her passion and commitment to achieving success for her clients.

Throughout her career, Lina has been recognized for her excellence in immigration law. She was listed in the California 2015-2020 Rising Stars List by Super Lawyers, an honor given to only 2.5 percent of attorneys in the state. Lina’s proficiency in the field is further evidenced by her role as a Law Clerk at the California Court of Appeal for the Sixth Appellate District, where she gained invaluable experience and knowledge. She also received the prestigious Witkin Award for Academic Excellence in Immigration Law during her time at Golden Gate University School of Law.

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